16 Jun 2012 @ 4:30 PM 

A domain is only worth the amount someone is willing to pay for it or what revenue the domain is making each month multiplied by X amount of months.

What prices do domains go for and how do you appraisal a domain?

The best way to judge how much a domain is worth is to visit domainprices.co.uk and see what domains have sold for and where the sale took place.

Domains on the secondary market can vary depending on if the sale is to a reseller (someone who deals with domains) or an end-user (someone who will use the domain directly).

If you deal with domains you may see the domain personalinjurysolicitors.tv as a good investment and would only be willing to pay £1000 for it.

If you are an enduser or a Solicitor that figure (because you really want it) maybe 5 fold and be £5000.

domain pricesDomains are hard to price unless they have a website on them generating revenue, which then can then be calculated from it’s monthly income.

The owner of a domain is always going to think it’s worth more than the buyer is willing to pay.

Ask yourself this – Will it make any money undeveloped and are you going to develop it? Is it likely that another buyer will come along and offer the same amount or if not more?

If you answer no to both, sell the domain for the best price possible today!


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 15 Jun 2012 @ 3:47 PM 

If you have domains and haven’t set it up with a mini site or a full on site, get one up NOW!

Having a domain and it not been indexed by search engine is a number 1 fail in my eyes as it takes a year or 2 to really break into the search engine results with relevant posts.

Even if it’s a 1 page website Google and alike will index it if you post a link on a busy website and the rep of the site will only increase with age.

A lot of people buy domains to do something with them but never do, which is a bit of a shame.

First rule for me, register or buy a domain – get a WordPress install running on it within a few days. You never know it may have some history from a previous owner.


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Categories: Domains, Online Business
 29 Jan 2012 @ 10:03 AM 

Ownership of a domain and control for technical reasons are 2 different things. Ownership is overall control and legal status on a domain. In the UK Nominet would look at the Who-is to see WHO owns a domain.

domains disputesThis brings me to a local person/company that is in the field of web design and support that’s been going for some years now and their actions with some domains the control.

Going through their client portfolio and doing a who is look up on each of them I’d say 90%+ are registered to him personally. I found this out and dug deeper, this was brought to my attention when I spoke to an EX client of his who explained he wanted to offer a new website and they wanted to leave it and get quotes elsewhere been a current client of his.

In refusing to carry on HIS service and not to go ahead to have a new and quite expensive (for the quality) he suspended hosting and took the website down. He could do this because he had control of the hosting & domain but more importantly he OWNED the clients domain name.

As mentioned above the owner of a domain has overall control and ownership which in a legal and professional world the company commissioning/paying for work on a website should be the legal owner.

So a tip for me, go to http://www.nic.uk and enter your company domain name (if UK domain) and http://whois.domaintools.com for all other extensions.

Ask this question do you legally now own the domain name? Now approach the company you paid our to build your website and ask them to transfer ownership to your company. What response did you get?

Good luck and always think economical websites may have hidden pitfalls.

In the mean time why not visit BabyBabyBaby.co.uk

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 01 Jan 2011 @ 4:05 PM 

New Year and New goals will be in the form of a marketing service that weirdly enough rolls all the things I have been doing for the past 2 years into one! SEO, Domains, mini sites, Video, Photos, Content writing etc They goals will be having a ques of businesses wanting to get involved.

First stop will be to create 3-5 example showcases of how it looks and works as everyone likes to see examples of anything they are buying into. FACT!

On the domain front I am letting a lot of them drop if I think they are way too much effort to even start to gain any revenue or are not gems. I would say 5% are niche domains / Websites like PlayParachutes.co.uk (not dev yet) that will become cash cows for advertising rev or actual e commerce sites selling products on stock. The other 95% are the GEO domains like my HullBeds.co.uk which will be slowly moved over from the BIG ‘G’ to REAL – LOCAL companies where they will be featuring on other sites I have.

3 Words I hated since I started out in business in early 2008 is VAT, TAX and Books. If I could give anyone any advice in starting up a business, it’s “Get an accountant ASAP”. You may think £100-£200 a month to do ALL your accounts is steep but boy is it worth it in the end. It frees you up to do other work YOU get paid for and is one less stressful thing in your life.

Be careful (as I have found out) you do get shocking accountants that just don’t talk to you and you get some FAB ones.

Other Goals and plans that I do hope will help Humber TV are ones with local groups or business. I can offer News and video coverage to help promote their services and they can offer me the use of the facilities there. Maybe the use of  a Board room, meeting rooms, Gym, etc it’s a little bit of back scratching that costs both parties no cash.

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 02 May 2010 @ 9:48 PM 

I’m always up for registering new domains on most days and use many methods of finding new new domains to register for niche mini sites.

  • TV adverts
  • Radio Adverts
  • Papers
  • Magazines
  • General generic domains etc

Flicking through my Mrs girly womens mags and noticed an article on a guy wearing Foot Gloves and thought Nah it’s got have been registered by now. Checked out FootGloves.co.uk and FeetGloves.co.uk and BOTH available to register WOW!

Not sure how long this type of product has been out but well worth a registration fee of £7 I thought. To start with I’ve just banged a white blank text only (no design) web site up just to get indexed and up and running. I’m sure it should perform well for it’s key word phrase of Foot Gloves only time will tell and adsense with prove it’s worth whiile.

I did register a few others but will make another post once I decide how to promote them.

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 17 Apr 2010 @ 12:02 AM 

Again another late night and feel I should take time to post here as not to let it slip into a stale state.

So I buckled and have let my partner get a puppy dog which is a cross between a poodle and a shiatsu (quite cute actually). A small chocolate brown “shoodle” I think they call it and it had best behave and not yap too much! ;o) That all happens on 2nd May so the world could end before then and won’t have to suffer having a yap yap yapping dog!

Humber.TV hmmmm Well lets just say it’s a FAB concept, people warm to it, it does “Bridge the gap” as our slogan says and guests think we’re doing a grand job :o) But the thing is I’m lacking a few things to more forward – help, funding, sleep, day light and light at the end of the tunnel! This is due to the time taken up by myself setting live shows up, recording and streaming them live and then editing them ready for the site for on demand. Not to mention anything else involved in getting guests and running the site mechanics.

It has reached a point where I have been doing EVERY show LIVE and putting the webcam stream up straight away for on demand viewing after a quick edit (then when possible editing the HD camcorder shoot later). I now feel I need to go out and about to record items that arn’t LIVE but ARE up and viewable the same day. Again this is more of my time.

So 4 things I’m wanting interest for, from near and far around the Humber.

  1. Big Main Sponsors or Advertisers for the site to enable me to buy extra kit and improve shows
  2. People willing to shoot video and take down local stories from across the Humber region to include on the site.
  3. Interviewers or Guest harvesters for up and coming shows. (booking Guests / Advertisers)
  4. Anyone wanting to learn the very basics of how we stream, edit video and anything I know about what we’re doing here at Humber.TV to help in any way possible (tonns still to learn but hey we’ll get there, as I’m far from an expert LOL).

Do you meet or maybe smiled at any of the above requests? Then contact me through Humber.TV web site stating this blog. I then do hope we can work together to make the Web site work it’s ass off for the people/businesses of the Humber and make it a name people talk about.

Hopefully this will stop me going over the edge and ease my work addiction/need from 6:00am till very late every day and I may just be able to get a life and sleep back so I can enjoy the trip that Humber TV is taking us on.

Final Thought to self! I do have 100’s of Hull and other Geo service domains as mentioned before and really need to get my finger out and get them earning. Which if I did would earn I would say £60 a day between them all! Visit Hull Local to see the effort so far and one of the mini sites may fit your area of business.

Sorry if it’s all over this blog but been a long day/week ;o)

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 02 Dec 2009 @ 11:21 PM 


Web development is a big chunk of our revenue and are finding that clients havn’t the time or getting round to finishing a site in the time scale set out. This all delays payments, clogs cash flow, and work scheduling that possibly limits more work capacity.

So when we have schuduled in a job to add content or finalise a site that doesn’t happen we’ve been buying up domains and creating mini/micro sites with affiliation links from places like Affiliate Window and Google Adsense. Generic items or services are great ones to develop as they don’t usually hold any trade mark issues.

A few of them so far that we’ve built, some very simple and some a little more effort:

We actually own nearly 900 domains

All developed, in development or due to be developed.  They should in time provide the revenue stream to balance out our revenue income from been mostly from web development for clients.

As mentioned in another blog this is similar to the GEO Service/product mini sites where your homing in to a niche or focused area, rather than a full on shop or every type or gadget etc.

mini sitesSo the long of it is, we’re using any spare time to create mini niche websites to:

  1. Create a website on a domain we own so it’s not just sat there gathering dust
  2. Indexing the domain in Search engines adding value to the domain if resold
  3. Growing the site, again so it’s indexed but could become a possible mini site for a company in that area
  4. Gaining monthly revenue from adverts like Google Adsense and Affiliate Window which will increase as it climbs the ratings
  5. Producing a mini site that could be sold to a company in that area or is wanting to do business in that area
  6. Creating company assets

If your finding having a few mini sites or extra exposure interesting, give us a call and see if we can help you you never know we may already have a domain/minisite already setup.

01482 240023

 20 Nov 2009 @ 2:15 PM 

I registered PriceCrunch.net to develop a discount code and affiliation site, but have never got round to it. ( no longer own this domain)

Although it’s a .NET it is a catchy domain and a great one to own and develop as we intend to soon.

Along with Anti Virals, and many other commonly used phrases nowadays we have a few others like PricesCompared.co.uk which would make a FAB comparison site if fully branded and developed.

If would give Money Super Market a run for their money I bet ;o)

802039_coffeeBig sites that compare lots of items and products are so much harder to get earning for you compared to a niche area such as a Wormeries site. I do know of a few people that have made the bigger sites work and are earning £xxxx’s a month from natural traffic and not paid for clicks.

I feel a head ache coming on so screen rest and brew me thinks!

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 13 Nov 2009 @ 8:49 PM 

499673_the_mad_and_dangerous_mindI started out in buying domains at the beginning of 2007 with 123ABC co.uk from a drop, where someone had let it lapse and didn’t renew it.

Over the 2 years of buying domains, developing some and selling them on has had me thinking at stages

AM I MAD? Will it ever pay off?

In the early days when I was buying rubbish domains and not really doing much with them, yes, I did think OMG I’m addicted and am never going to get a return.

I turned to trying SEOing a few of them, which I had great results for Google rankings and Page Rank. So in  nearly 3 years I’ve chomped my way through at least a 1000+ domains. On the flip side have made many £xxxx’s too, and increasing more so now I sort of understand from Affiliation and selling domains.

To get a domain to earn,

  1. It’s reg fee back
  2. It’s hosting cost back

Is a good feeling, knowing what ever money comes in after that, is pure profit or at least in exchange for any extra time you spend on it on development. I now have 3 accounts with (cheap) Blue Host which allows me to have upto 300 domains, with a WordPress install on them.

Limitations are in place with them like I said your limited to a huge 100 Mysql Db’s but also your file count, as I found out the other day with an email from them…..

your file count is ideally 50’000 but MUST be below 200’000!

100 WordPress Installs = 80’000+ files with no plugin’s, no theme’s and no content/pages and so over the 50’000 straight away! But hey ho fair enough as I cut back what I can to keep below the 200’000.

Back on track with my plans….

1238451_uk_mapLatest plans are all based around local mini sites like HullPrint.co.uk, I started in Hull as it’s my local city and am now moving to the other larger cities by population.

  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Glasgow
  • Sheffield
  • Bradford
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Wakefield
  • Cardiff
  • Leicester
  • Belfast
  • Brighton

Out of the 200 Geo domains I have, if 50% of them perform ok and bring in at least £5 per day through Adsense and Affiliation

I’ll be a happy man!

I’ll keep you posted, but just a snap shot of todays earnings from just 4 of the GEO sites that are performing ok.

  • Site 1 = £6.43
  • Site 2 = £1.11
  • Site 3 = £0.46
  • Site 4 = £0.34
 19 Oct 2009 @ 11:02 PM 

I had a nice suprise this morning because besides:

  • VoIP Telecoms installations and support
  • Website design and office IT Support
  • Online Marketing and SEO

An email from SEDO asking for my input on an offer that had been made on one of my domains. You set a minimum price i.e. £350 (any offers below that are rejected automatically)  people place bids, and you respond with yes great or more please.

This runs the risk of missing the sale and so I accepted and transfered the domain, deal done and dusted. RESULT!

Although it was a .org.uk it was a very nice generic which is now becoming a must for the area your in. Toys R Us bought Toys.com

Back on track and the whole thing of getting an email totally out the blue. The prospect of getting £350 from a domain I bought 2 years ago for no more than £8 is such a good feeling and to think I have a good few more very similar too is warming.

Here’s a few .org.uk’s as examples:

  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Parkers
  • Correct
  • BlackDress
  • Crowd
  • HotTub

Here’s a few .co.uk’s as examples:

  • Dehydrates
  • PricesCompared
  • Reading-Books
  • Anti-Fungal
  • ReduceCo2

If you are a landlord and would like to reduce your monthly costs you maybe need to get a new Lardlord Insurance quote.

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