06 Apr 2010 @ 10:58 PM 

I do a lot of IT work looking after comapnies emails, websites and internet related stuff. One company had all new phones for their staff and on the VodaFone network. For a week after getting them, none could send emails on VodaFone’s network with iphones (worked ok on an office WiFi connection)

A bit of digging and a few phone calls later I found the fix as a alternate SMTP service through VodaFone themselves.

Go to www.360.com have a quick read the click the sign up for free link, making note of your username and password.

On your iphone go to SettingsMail, Contacts, Calendars then select the account your  having sending issues with and scroll down to SMTP

Click into the primary server and enter the below:

host name smtp.360.com

User name the one you created www.360.com

Password the one you createdat www.360.com

Turn Use SSL to ON

Authentication Password

Server Port 645

Using the above settings should stop any issues with VodaFone and sending emails through their service on the iphone.

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