28 Oct 2009 @ 3:45 PM 

Making money is hard! Losing it a lot easier!

Making money and then with very little effort after the setup to carry on making it is even harder.

An ultimate goal for us all?

Scott Jones has 2 websites I think down to a T.

First is a tattoo website that converts everything from a word and name translated into one of many popular languages. No physical stock and when an order comes in for say the name “Gavin” it’s converted to Chinese at £x by a (one of many) private translator of Scott’s and the next time a “Gavin” wants the conversion it won’t cost Scott a penny!

To name a few on offer:

  • Arabic Translation
  • Gujarati Translation
  • Chinese Translation
  • Hindi Translation
  • Hebrew Translation
  • Thai Translation

The second a fresh new site of Ambigrams. I’ve not seen a site online like it until now so should do well if promoted in the right places. Ambigram isn’t a word you type in every day and so may need to play on the present idea maybe ?

Taken from Scott’s site:

ambigramScott’s site

What is an ambigram?
A design that may be read as the same word or phrase (or sometimes two different words or phrases) when oriented in two different ways, usually when reflected in a vertical axis or when rotated through 180 degrees.

Basically you have say Jasmine and Joanne enter them both in click on Script and it creates a style of name that reads Joanne one way up and Jasmine the other. Some names don’t work in that way and it creates 2 words that both can be read either way up but as separate names.

Great idea and when you start banging in names of people you know and then see both names when 180’d it’s great.

So another sit back and let it work for you website with no stock. I’m pretty sure it’s just a computer program used when generating the bigger image that is sent vie email to you as that’s the only way it could be. Another blinding idea and a great one to grow and let the cash roll in website.

424094_chatter_teeth_3I have a Joke Shop online and it ranks pretty well in Google for the expected phrases and keywords. The only thing is, unlike Scott’s websites I have to order stock, store the stock, print orders out to send with the products, pack joke items, post the orders, restock etc so not a “sit back” and reap the rewards website.

I have a few ideas on current trends a lot of people are turning to online, but time will tell whether theirs a market for my idea. The hard work for these types of “sit back and reap” websites/ideas is in the planning and preperation. Get the model working for you and as automated as possible the better in my eyes.

What are your ideas for an online store that:

  • Needs no stock
  • As near to 100% automated as possible
  • People will want to buy online
  • Hasn’t been done before
  • Isn’t illegal ;o)

Mini sites using affiliates is one idea, but it does need quite a bit of input to keep offers and products fresh.

Email me your ideas LOL


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