14 Jul 2010 @ 8:59 PM 

I have spread myself quite thin, and all because of my active mind that seems to have new ideas every week. Rather than saying ok when I’ve finished this I’ll do that next, I start it so not to miss the moment. I could hire some one to follow it up for me but not got the cash spare to do this.

I have juggled quite well up to now and have cut back on a lot of things time and money wise. This will hopefully get the wheels in motion and my arse into gear with a climb that can only be up, instead of bobbing along on a flat line.

I nearly never was able to post this as a crazy 169 year old woman disregarded giveaway markings on a Beverley Westwood road and would have been a head on crash. Luckily I decided driving onto a grass verge and skidding was a better option than death.

Cash flow is KING and hope this month or before the end anyway, payments are more regular. No one is withholding money, it’s just jobs take longer than anticipated. Hence as mentioned before Humber.TV and the whole video service will generate a nice regular flow to balance short falls in the month. Latest one we created was for a teeth whitening company.

I have a lot of mini site ideas, FootGloves.co.uk Jokeshop.org.uk to name 2 and these are sites that if I follow up and make them a lot bigger, increase inventory and range, they will do a storm. Again time and money! A local Joke shop owner who has no web site agreed to work something out between us as he has the stock and I have the ranking and web site.

Want to set a few goals before the end of this year and hopefully look back at this and smile.

  • Humber.TV – 1000 unique visitors a day
  • Jokeshop.org.uk – Stock inventory 250 items plus with 25 orders a week
  • My Hull domain portfolio – Making £25 per day from adsense or clients renting
  • People in the Humber Area know Humber TV as a Brand to view local video after asking 100 people 50% of them say they have heard of it
  • At least 25 clients renting Hull sites from meand  at least at £10 a month
  • Have a team of 4 Volunteers with HD camcorders to record events etc local to them for Humber TV
  • I am at a stage where I can start thinking about myself and maybe even go to the gym
  • Make 10 new friends I chat to at least once a week!
  • To use this blog at least 4 times a week almost like a diary

Lets see ;o)

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