20 Nov 2009 @ 2:15 PM 

I registered PriceCrunch.net to develop a discount code and affiliation site, but have never got round to it. ( no longer own this domain)

Although it’s a .NET it is a catchy domain and a great one to own and develop as we intend to soon.

Along with Anti Virals, and many other commonly used phrases nowadays we have a few others like PricesCompared.co.uk which would make a FAB comparison site if fully branded and developed.

If would give Money Super Market a run for their money I bet ;o)

802039_coffeeBig sites that compare lots of items and products are so much harder to get earning for you compared to a niche area such as a Wormeries site. I do know of a few people that have made the bigger sites work and are earning £xxxx’s a month from natural traffic and not paid for clicks.

I feel a head ache coming on so screen rest and brew me thinks!

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