26 Mar 2010 @ 9:41 PM 

This post is a quick one about the week or so gone by and my daughter.

About a week ago the running around,  screaming, shouting, climbing, jumping, cheeky grins and looks it all just STOPPED. Our little girl caught a bug or something and had all the toddler coming and going trade marks that lasts a few days.

  • Green Snotty nose
  • Chesty rumbles
  • Watery eyes with Conjunctivitis
  • High temperature 39+ degrees
  • No sleep through coughing (none stop, yes none stop)
  • Head ache (I can only guess she had head ache in the way she help her head when she coughed.)
  • Been sick
  • Dehydrated
  • Conjunctivitis
  • No stool movements
  • Very very Weak In a zombie state
  • Bad breathe due to chest infection

Difference was she had everyone of them magnified for over a week now. She was/is in a right state and we couldn’t do a thing for her.

Visited the doctor only to be told

Sorry nothing we can do


4 doctors later with the third out of hours doctor giving us some antibiotics (you know the yellow stuff we all had in the fridge and if we didn’t their WAS something up) the original and 4th doctor telling us best get her to Hull Royal ASAP.

So tonight after tests, xrays, steroids, pure oxygen (because her body was dangerously low on it), and probably a lot of hugs later I’m waiting for some news back.

My thoughts on the past week then, what age can toddlers have antibiotics and why didn’t the doctor say she’s under 2 I can’t prescribe them. Why couldn’t the doc see my little girl was REALLY messed up and needed help of some kind and it wasn’t just a nasty cough and a snotty nose.

SO that’s my rant to make me feel better and just hope our little one gets fixed up soon now she’s in safe hands at HRI

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