02 Jan 2013 @ 8:13 PM 

Seems Orange as default add an extra £1.50 to your bill for paper itemised billing. Right off to their website to register and tick that box that says please remove me from paper billing saving me £1.50 per month and use e-billing.

Guess what! Their isn’t one, so don’t waste your time looking, lot of talk about e-billing and paper billing been turned on and off but no actual link to save you and Orange time and messing around.

Obviously it’s so they can make £1.50 per customer on sign up without realising and then even more every month from those who can’t be arsed to get it removed.

orange paper bills sucks

It wasn’t the £1.50 it was the BIG point I made at Car Phone Warehouse that my bill each month would be NO MORE than £15.50 a month period?! “That is correct £15.50 sir”


Anyways only way to sort it is to DIAL 150 from your orange mobile and select 1,2,2,2 and tell them to remove it.

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 27 Jun 2011 @ 8:45 PM 

For many years now the people of Hull have had to go to Kingston Comms for a Hull Phone Number or Hull landline.

That has now all changed and you can order a Hull number or landline through other companies.

These include Hull numbers through a VoIP phone system which gives you huge flexible options. A historical standard fixed phone line like the one available from Kingston Communications or even a sim card that you can use in mobiles but has a 01482 number as a land line and not the usual 07 xxxxxxxx format.

If this is something you want more information about please visit Hull Phone Numbers and complete the form for more information or a call back.

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