04 Apr 2010 @ 1:19 PM 

So April is here and I need a kick up the arse to get ideas focused!

I’ve been running around like a mad man this past 2-3 weeks juggling work, new projects and my little girl been in hospital. I just need to take stock.

Humber.TV is really doing well, considering I should be putting more hours in a week and now has a page rank of 2. The last webcast / podcast we recorded (still to edit the HD copy) was Cottingham Springboard and just loved the idea of musicians coming along who are in the 3 day music event and letting rip with some tunes.¬† Bring it on people…

Ok about this “Recycle old magazine content”. I had a HTC Touch Diamond spare after an upgrade to a Iphone 3GS and gave it to my son to use but just stopped charging, even with a new battery. Today (Sunday) is our local carboot day in Northcave and know theirs a guy who deals with mobiles. Got there, thought the phone was in the car but had left it at home – not to worry. ūüôĀ

So we’re wondering around, Jo my Mrs buying books she’d wanted, me looking bemused by all the VHS cassettes people are STILL trying to sell and a round trip and I saw a mag stall. Geoff Anderson of Goole (01405-769574) was the pitch holder with 100’s of magazines, mainly cars ones that I could see but was told he has 1000’s of different ones at home!

A selection of Kit Car ones (a good pile of around 50+) caught my eye as I’d just finished a Kit Car Insurance mini site for a mate. The idea instantly popped into my head of reading really old content in mags from as far back as 1985, 1986, 1987 etc and then in my own words (helped by some creative use of the mags) write articles on a new domain I had bought especially for this idea.

How much Geoff? ……….. ¬£3 the box! Wow I’ll take them.

So got home registered the below domain and another project was born ;o).

Kit-Car.org.uk isn’t yet designed or really started but does have a rough text flesh holding page for quick SEO and listings.

My guess is that these old mags will have content, ideas, wording and internet unpublished text in which it will give anyone who reads them great ideas! These mags are 25 years old and maybe out dated but have probably been long forgeotten about and never even heard of SEO.

My first trial is with as mentioned above with Kit-Car.org.uk and will see if it has any impact on rankings for the main phrase “Kit Car” but would expect long tail phrases to be it’s freind like “Cobra kit car replacement lights”.

Another 2 mini sites started today StainlessSteelBBQ.org.uk and GardenHeater.org.uk

 09 Feb 2010 @ 11:25 PM 

I have a growing network (as mentioned before) of Hull domains mainly plus a few other cities and have a solid £9 Р£10 a day coming in from a select few with affiliation advertising.

In fact I must have 350+ of Hull domains or similar like ManchesterPrint co uk and know for a fact 90% are NOT live or haven’t been¬†optimised¬†at all for SEO or revenue.

So I do think if all 350 rose to a level where each was getting even a few uniques a day it would add up to over £100 a day. I have noticed with the sites that do earn, very rarely go over just 10 uniques a day to get a click or have a CTR (click through rate) is mainly 10% or more.

But as many of you know 350 + mini sites all take time to build, add content, and maintain. If all sites together earn’t ¬£100 a day, it would be worth the effort/cost to action that .

On a flip side, I think if all the Geo domains (350+) was indexed in search engines and had a fair number of uniques a day I could demand a starting sale price of £500  for the sale of each to local businesses in the relevant area.

You all can add that up to £175k which is a very nice sum (if all were sold) and would only go through with the sales if every domain was sold and not just cherry picked.

So I just need to get people on them and set some time aside to blast them all live!

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 02 Dec 2009 @ 11:21 PM 


Web development is a big chunk of our revenue and are finding that clients havn’t the time or getting round to finishing a site in the time scale set out. This all delays payments, clogs cash flow, and work scheduling that possibly limits more work capacity.

So when we have schuduled in a job to add content or finalise a site that doesn’t happen we’ve been buying up domains and creating mini/micro sites with affiliation links from places like Affiliate Window and Google Adsense. Generic items or services are great ones to develop as they don’t usually hold any trade mark issues.

A few of them so far that we’ve built, some very simple and some a little more effort:

We actually own nearly 900 domains

All developed, in development or due to be developed.  They should in time provide the revenue stream to balance out our revenue income from been mostly from web development for clients.

As mentioned in another blog this is similar to the GEO Service/product mini sites where your homing in to a niche or focused area, rather than a full on shop or every type or gadget etc.

mini sitesSo the long of it is, we’re using any spare time to create mini niche websites to:

  1. Create a website on a domain we own so it’s not just sat there gathering dust
  2. Indexing the domain in Search engines adding value to the domain if resold
  3. Growing the site, again so it’s indexed but could become a possible mini site for a company in that area
  4. Gaining monthly revenue from adverts like Google Adsense and Affiliate Window which will increase as it climbs the ratings
  5. Producing a mini site that could be sold to a company in that area or is wanting to do business in that area
  6. Creating company assets

If your finding having a few mini sites or extra exposure interesting, give us a call and see if we can help you you never know we may already have a domain/minisite already setup.

01482 240023

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