31 Dec 2012 @ 1:08 PM 

It’s windy, it’s wet, it’s cold and Hey hey it’s New Years eve!

Great day of any of the 365 of 2012 to reflect back on whats happened. A few things have changed in the past few weeks with me LEAVING (not laid off for not pulling my weight as rumoured – You Prick) and setting my digital stall up again is great as I can reflect on what I had, did, and built up before. Anyways here’s the 2012/2013 bullet points!

  • Be in control of situations – others can try and manipulate you  (but not anally)
  • Don’t believe everything someone says, even if they say “Swear on my kids lives” as sometimes they are full of shite and it bites them back – sickos
  • Don’t be too impulsive with ideas, step back and have a word with yourself – A sleep may help you see sense
  • Grow your circle of friends, quantity isn’t always better than quality but at least you have more choice
  • Don’t leave the unsaid too late, say it sooner – You’ll be glad you did
  • Make a promise, KEEP IT then – To many broken promises leave a bad taste
  • Don’t give too much away on first meeting someone
  • Driving? Don’t drink more than a pint or at all – No car tomorrow?!
  • Make time for your family where your all involved – baking, walking, swimming, picnics etc
  • Never judge someone on first impressions – you may have met them on an off day
  • Never judge someone by someone else’s options  -their is usually history
  • Be straight with people don’t go around the houses -respect is good
  • Print digital photos – those memories can crash and be lost in a second
  • Long term commitments financially need more than a days thought – rushing out to buy a new car
  • Try new foods and flavours
  • Meet up for meals with groups of mates
  • Always have daily, weekly “To do” lists
  • Don’t disregard people if they don’t match your personality, you don’y know who they may know
  • Don’t spread rumours that are not true – they will bite you in the arse (you know who you are – tosser)
  • Be nice to people – it doesn’t cost anything


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 01 Dec 2012 @ 12:04 PM 

So March is when number 3 child is suppose to enter the world! Again some geeky thought had to go into it with the initials and names.

Archie Bobby Corbett sounds and looks a cool name I think but we’ve had a few raised eyebrows or “really!” But that’s his name and we like!

I had to say good bye to my office space at home too to make way for baby items and ideas planned. Ill be just working either at the kitchen table or in the office in Hessle more rather than at home.

Historically, looking back when a child is on the way I have always either started up in business or changed job which is quite bizarre. But a fact ! I only realised this obviously after I left my current job to setup a new digital company.

Looking ahead to 2013, it does for once, look good!

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 16 Aug 2010 @ 11:11 PM 

My Son is Transport Tycoon mad which came from his addiction to Locomotion by Chris Sawyers. I bought Transport Tycoon Deluxe only to find it was Windows 95 and that old would not work on any operating system in the house, and even in compatibility mode.

Did lots of Google searches to find a resolve but felt I’d failed until I searched “TTD” ( Transport Tycoon Deluxe ) and found this site http://www.openttd.org/en/ which basically solved our issue and we now have a working program.

Download this program and browse to your CD/DVD drive when prompted for the data disk and it should all run through the wizard with no issues. Once installed you’ll have a working version thanks to a lot of people working together to bring this classic game back to life for newer operating systems.

Manual and WIKI on Transport Tycoon Deluxe –

Looking forward to HumberMUD on Thursday night at the Fruit Space down Humber Street in Hull, where I’ll hopefully catch up with a few people and meet like minded people in the online media world.

I’ve been asked to talk about Humber TV at one of the future ones and feel I need to push the site by posting to it daily with new events and news.  I don’t know why I missed the scooter ride across the Humber Bridge event at the weekend either #fail :o(

One of our video’s we produced as a podcast chat, paid off for them today as we replied to a request on Twitter asking for that service they offered and they ended up booking time with the guest that appeared. RESULT! Quote “She sounds Great” Hence Video is more powerful than an “About Us” page.

Placed a bit of Adsense code into HU17.net website through Paul Smith who runs it to see what the results would be revenue wise. The results are ok but the amount of traffic Paul gets is great with 1500+ daily unique visitors I could only dream of at Humber TV. This just confirms more events, more posts would give the site the push it needs.

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 26 Mar 2010 @ 9:41 PM 

This post is a quick one about the week or so gone by and my daughter.

About a week ago the running around,  screaming, shouting, climbing, jumping, cheeky grins and looks it all just STOPPED. Our little girl caught a bug or something and had all the toddler coming and going trade marks that lasts a few days.

  • Green Snotty nose
  • Chesty rumbles
  • Watery eyes with Conjunctivitis
  • High temperature 39+ degrees
  • No sleep through coughing (none stop, yes none stop)
  • Head ache (I can only guess she had head ache in the way she help her head when she coughed.)
  • Been sick
  • Dehydrated
  • Conjunctivitis
  • No stool movements
  • Very very Weak In a zombie state
  • Bad breathe due to chest infection

Difference was she had everyone of them magnified for over a week now. She was/is in a right state and we couldn’t do a thing for her.

Visited the doctor only to be told

Sorry nothing we can do


4 doctors later with the third out of hours doctor giving us some antibiotics (you know the yellow stuff we all had in the fridge and if we didn’t their WAS something up) the original and 4th doctor telling us best get her to Hull Royal ASAP.

So tonight after tests, xrays, steroids, pure oxygen (because her body was dangerously low on it), and probably a lot of hugs later I’m waiting for some news back.

My thoughts on the past week then, what age can toddlers have antibiotics and why didn’t the doctor say she’s under 2 I can’t prescribe them. Why couldn’t the doc see my little girl was REALLY messed up and needed help of some kind and it wasn’t just a nasty cough and a snotty nose.

SO that’s my rant to make me feel better and just hope our little one gets fixed up soon now she’s in safe hands at HRI

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