05 Apr 2010 @ 11:08 PM 

Always on the look out for new niches, up and coming technologies that I can make mini sites for and hopefully build a platform ready for a company to buy/use from me.

Today I bought 11 Augmented Reality domains and quickly developed one to get indexed and be a test bed for a design and structure. Below are a few phrases have set aside and bought as .co.uk / .org.uk domains to develop. I have a few others not mentioned but have just web forwarded or redirected to the relevant domain/s.

  • augmented reality goggles
  • augmented reality glasses
  • augmented reality headset
  • augmented reality game
  • augmented reality technology
  • augmented reality books

AugmentedReality3D.co.uk was the first of the set and is live now and will be adding and changing each day/week. I usually build mini sites in WordPress but decided to save on Mysql Data bases and just bang one up using a html template.

I see augmented reality been big in the next 1 or 2 years as today it’s really only been used by most people as gimicks to find places and play mini games etc

In the next 2 years  Goggles, Glasses, headsets, Games, and books will come in to our lives using the technoology of augmented reality and will become an every day on the go smart phone accessory. This is possible with smart phones built in GPS and solid state compass.

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