11 Oct 2009 @ 10:33 PM 

Been behind a laptop day in, day out, is not good people and so a 118 mile, and a 2 hour road trip to Chester Zoo was a breath of fresh air.

I hate travelling in cars for hours on end and wasn’t TBH looking forward to today’s hike. Set off around 9:30am after munching our bacon butties and a mug of tea. Lights on half way there through the typical rain, mist and crazy arse fools on the M62/M60 who think 100mph lane weaving is fine.

Arrived at Chester to no lines of people waiting to get in (result – Well it is October) and brightening blue skies.

Great list of animals to see, fab day away with family & friends and not sat in front of the face light that is ‘my laptop’

Final thought…. What would come up at Asda if they scanned the zebras at the checkout?

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