02 Jan 2013 @ 8:13 PM 

Seems Orange as default add an extra £1.50 to your bill for paper itemised billing. Right off to their website to register and tick that box that says please remove me from paper billing saving me £1.50 per month and use e-billing.

Guess what! Their isn’t one, so don’t waste your time looking, lot of talk about e-billing and paper billing been turned on and off but no actual link to save you and Orange time and messing around.

Obviously it’s so they can make £1.50 per customer on sign up without realising and then even more every month from those who can’t be arsed to get it removed.

orange paper bills sucks

It wasn’t the £1.50 it was the BIG point I made at Car Phone Warehouse that my bill each month would be NO MORE than £15.50 a month period?! “That is correct £15.50 sir”


Anyways only way to sort it is to DIAL 150 from your orange mobile and select 1,2,2,2 and tell them to remove it.

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