31 Dec 2012 @ 1:08 PM 

It’s windy, it’s wet, it’s cold and Hey hey it’s New Years eve!

Great day of any of the 365 of 2012 to reflect back on whats happened. A few things have changed in the past few weeks with me LEAVING (not laid off for not pulling my weight as rumoured – You Prick) and setting my digital stall up again is great as I can reflect on what I had, did, and built up before. Anyways here’s the 2012/2013 bullet points!

  • Be in control of situations – others can try and manipulate you  (but not anally)
  • Don’t believe everything someone says, even if they say “Swear on my kids lives” as sometimes they are full of shite and it bites them back – sickos
  • Don’t be too impulsive with ideas, step back and have a word with yourself – A sleep may help you see sense
  • Grow your circle of friends, quantity isn’t always better than quality but at least you have more choice
  • Don’t leave the unsaid too late, say it sooner – You’ll be glad you did
  • Make a promise, KEEP IT then – To many broken promises leave a bad taste
  • Don’t give too much away on first meeting someone
  • Driving? Don’t drink more than a pint or at all – No car tomorrow?!
  • Make time for your family where your all involved – baking, walking, swimming, picnics etc
  • Never judge someone on first impressions – you may have met them on an off day
  • Never judge someone by someone else’s options  -their is usually history
  • Be straight with people don’t go around the houses -respect is good
  • Print digital photos – those memories can crash and be lost in a second
  • Long term commitments financially need more than a days thought – rushing out to buy a new car
  • Try new foods and flavours
  • Meet up for meals with groups of mates
  • Always have daily, weekly “To do” lists
  • Don’t disregard people if they don’t match your personality, you don’y know who they may know
  • Don’t spread rumours that are not true – they will bite you in the arse (you know who you are – tosser)
  • Be nice to people – it doesn’t cost anything


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