14 Oct 2009 @ 11:01 PM 

Attended the first UK east coast digital conference today the KC Stadium and just in short FANTASTIC Jon!

Speakers as follows and briefs I my add to over the next few days:

  • Rory Cellan-Jones – Very real, down to earth, and surprisingly quite funny
  • Jaan Orvet – Calm, controlled, great ideas about nodes and how projects should or could be worked
  • Charles Arthur – Great tips on how to get noticed by journalists with stories or exclusives
  • Stuart McFarlane
  • Mike Butcher – Bursting at the seams this guy, so much to say and share. Could have a pint or spend a week with this guy and NOT get bored.
  • Rob Palmer – Web guy from Newcastle, great design skills and ideas. Hope he has the balls to go it alone some day full time. Good luck Rob!
  • Kai Gates
  • Karen Barber – Despite a tech glitch at the beginning, she sort of enlightened us all to new ideas and Audio Boo in general
  • Anand Verma – He has his fingers on the pulse of what not to do and what to do in the digital market place. Very watchable.

A lot of it that was said I knew a fair bit about but the main part of the whole day I’d take on board is “Got and idea? Go for it! Make it real.” This is directed at Jon and his teams efforts.

He had a vision and went for it! I do think a lot of it was down to who he knows. This follows true in life all the time, but if you have an idea, talk to people ask for help, go to Hull Digital meetups and don’t look back.

Jon is sending out questionnaires I think for feed back but


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