05 Apr 2010 @ 11:08 PM 

Always on the look out for new niches, up and coming technologies that I can make mini sites for and hopefully build a platform ready for a company to buy/use from me.

Today I bought 11 Augmented Reality domains and quickly developed one to get indexed and be a test bed for a design and structure. Below are a few phrases have set aside and bought as .co.uk / .org.uk domains to develop. I have a few others not mentioned but have just web forwarded or redirected to the relevant domain/s.

  • augmented reality goggles
  • augmented reality glasses
  • augmented reality headset
  • augmented reality game
  • augmented reality technology
  • augmented reality books

AugmentedReality3D.co.uk was the first of the set and is live now and will be adding and changing each day/week. I usually build mini sites in WordPress but decided to save on Mysql Data bases and just bang one up using a html template.

I see augmented reality been big in the next 1 or 2 years as today it’s really only been used by most people as gimicks to find places and play mini games etc

In the next 2 years  Goggles, Glasses, headsets, Games, and books will come in to our lives using the technoology of augmented reality and will become an every day on the go smart phone accessory. This is possible with smart phones built in GPS and solid state compass.

 19 Feb 2010 @ 9:04 PM 

Bit of a waffle post but keep with it ;o)

So I now reluctantly have an iPhone and surprisingly like it! I did want the HD2 but VodaFone stopped stocking them and was offered an iPhone. I can see how people spend £s on Apps the first few weeks of getting one, which can be a bit of a money pit.

I thought my iPhone died today as it wouldn’t turn on with it even been fully charged. In the end I tried the home button AND the power button which I think is a trick on the Ipod. This kicked it into life (bizarre) and I was a happy man again.

So Humber.TV hmm I wanted it separate from Media Blocks Ltd and so asked my accountant about my online TV venture Humber Media Network as it now is and was told it was going to cost £400 + VAT. “ok” i said “I’ll have a think” WTF I thought, a little steep. A little digging and asking around I found The company warehouse Called them up and asked loads of questions and it was done and dusted in 20 minutes. May I add they have great phone support and people working for them! Got all documents, shares, minutes, etc for £111 INC VAT in the post today FANTASTIC!

So Humber Media Network Limited was born, as I decided not to limit it’s size by just using Humber.TV as a name and Humber Media Network was like an umbrella name. Opening an account next week with Lloyds TSB again and already have payments from clients waiting for it to become live.

With all my ideas, I do always seem to be burning lots of candles at both ends and running around trying to juggle life, work and pushing ideas to the MAX. Recently I have taken on offered help (rare for me) by people I have met or knew already and is working out great! Still need to have a chat with a few more people but I’m liking team work and building.

Up to now Interviewers / Hosts for podcast shows, editor for the post production and sound checker for the audio setup to give it a once over for optimum quality.

I have been spending quite a bit of money (bucket fulls) on kit, software, and structure for the pod-casting / video venture but have had so much positiveness from people who we’ve had to interview I know it’s all worth or going to be worth every penny and minute spent on it.

Mentioning the people we’ve had on, we have had some great people and don’t want to list them all but 3 that many will know because of their businesses and exposure are:

  • Geof BrookeBrooke Tiles (now a Humber.TV Advertiser YEAH!)
  • Jonathan Elvidge – (Gadget Shop) RED5 (Great guy to lookup to and follow)
  • Paul SewellSewell Group (Beams positiveness and knows business)

All the above people just made me more determined to make this venture succeed and grow for the Humber area!

One of my teeth decided a filling had been in long enough and fall out and taken half my tooth with it, which is no fun and the sharp edge it left cut my tongue to bits. 🙁 All sorted now with a temp filling and feels much better and will be fixed in March.

Found out this week Gradwell (VoIP supplier) are having issues with call pick up, meaning you can’t pick another call up remotely from your desk phone in the office. That’s a bit of a pain for some of my clients, but hey ho life does go on.

Final thoughts for this post, and maybe words of wisdom?!

  • Use ideas that work and duplicate in business to succeed.
  • Home in on business that your good at and enjoy.
  • Never trust people who lie, even if it was just once.
 06 Jan 2010 @ 3:27 PM 

So the New Year and the 4th of Jan 2010 filled me full of positiveness, calls and emails streamed in!

Most of my work is Web site design, building and have wanted other projects to make that percentage less one sided. (eggs in one basket and all that) Their isn’t a day that goes by when I have an idea, whether it’s for a new mini site or a totally new project and that isn’t always a good thing.

My current project is Pod casting. Not just recorded to be downloaded to an IPOD later but LIVE scheduled streaming video with local people, businesses and groups discussing and explaining more about their areas. Whether it’s Techy, Health related, Current News, Music or business it can be anything and the good news is it’s all FREE to viewers.

The Stream will be live video and will include an option for a low quality stream or even just audio ideal for poor Internet speeds.

Both Video and Audio will be recorded for later viewing or just listening if people missed it, along with transcript and other useful information. As well as been posted to our site we will be widening our possible scope by posting to You Tube, ITunes and other media sites.

Please do contact us if you are in or have an interest in the Humber area which include the cities, towns, and villages below to name just a few:

  • Hull
  • Grimsby
  • Scunthorpe
  • Withernsea
  • Hornsea
  • Immingham
  • Hessle
  • North Ferriby
  • Brough
  • Goole
  • Cleethorpes
  • Beverley
  • Cottingham
  • Ellerby
  • Hedon
  • Preston
  • Barton Upon Humber

We’ve ran many tests, setups and believe we have a great model for the Humber area to take advantage of, so please do contact me for more details on how to take part.

We hope to run test shows towards the end of January and start streaming live scheduled shows in February.

 14 Dec 2009 @ 1:16 PM 

xmas-treeOk looks like no rush to call me back so I called normal support and got a bit of script from them and did a bit of tweeting to prompt someone higher than first line support into calling me.

I called support back and requested the card be removed and that I had a refund for the 2 domains I didn’t want renewing. Put on hold came back and was told.

That is all done now for you Sir, card removed, and refund actioned!

What if I make another payment with a card? It will be entered in your account as the master card for any services due for renewal. hmmm not good and I know you can go in and cancel the auto renewal for domains but that removes the reminders to say your domain is soon due for renewal in 60 days / 45 days / 30 days and so on right down to a day which is GREAT!

Got a call from 123-REG not sure how high up this guy was but he listened and almost agreed with somethings.

I just told him to revert back to how it use to be. Not saving card details and maybe have a box that you have to tick as an agreement if you wish you card to be stored – don’t tick it it doesn’t store it.

Hopefully we  should see a PR and emails been sent out  saying it’s now back to how it was. Also I hope the developer team will add a tick box for YOUR choice to add card details and not to do it automatically when buying services from them.

Thanks for your call back and help today 123-REG, lets see if you can gain customers and customer convidence before Christmas and not loose it and really put you foot in it guys!

Do 123-reg send out client gifts at Christmas does anyone know? ;o)

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 13 Dec 2009 @ 9:00 PM 

Well, first of all 123-reg now have their own category on my blog. It’s not a good thing  but is to reflect how pissed off I am tonight!
About 10 days ago I noticed all my details filled out at checkout stage when I went to reg a domain at 123-reg+ (not because of my browser setting as I have that disabled) So I thought Strange carried on, paid for the domains and looked at my account payment details which should have been blank.

123-REG had only added my debit card details to my account from my last visit a few days earlier and then saved them to auto renew and pay for any domains/hosting/servers coming up for renewal.


not-a-happy-bunnyI called them up and asked why my card details had been copied and added to my account? I was told “You MUST have gone in added your details yourself and saved it.” That people is absolute nonsense, but hey ok I said “Remove them and this had better not be an on going thing or to be repeated if you don’t mind”

Tonight I gets an email invoice from 123-REG “Domain renewals and Please note that this invoice has been paid. Please do not post a cheque.”

Shot over to my account and AGAIN the prats had harvested my card details and added them to my account to auto renew any domains/hosting/servers coming up for renewal. Which their was and took money from my account without my consent.

THEFT that’s called I think, correct me if I’m wrong!

I will see what they have to say tomorrow when I hopefully get a call back.

To happen once is not on but twice in less than 2 weeks and to also take money using my card without my consent is boarderline me calling my solicitor.

Question to 123-reg if they do read this and one that I will ask tomorrow.

What if the card I used last when you copied the details wasn’t mine, maybe a friend wanted a domain and I offered to use my account to buy  it through?

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 23 Nov 2009 @ 12:36 PM 

llaporteI found this .tv site Twit.tv and have found all of the content shown on the channel very interesting. Guests on it like Matt Cutts and talk about as you’d guess mostly about up to the minute tech related subjects.

TWIT your probably thinking ahh they’ve copied off Twitter,

well your wrong TWIT.TV actually pre-dates Twitter by years!

The US based shows are hosted by Leo Laporte and looks to be ran from someones spare room but runs great and is great to just have in the background while working.

I have found some great links from watching the programs and is a great way to keep up to date with the digital, Tech, online, sofware world.

The show is sponsored by big companies from the online world like Carbonite.com and GoToMeeting.com and I guess keeps the whole show free and running.

Have a read up on Leo, how the show started, and why he gets such great guests on his show.

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 28 Oct 2009 @ 3:45 PM 

Making money is hard! Losing it a lot easier!

Making money and then with very little effort after the setup to carry on making it is even harder.

An ultimate goal for us all?

Scott Jones has 2 websites I think down to a T.

First is a tattoo website that converts everything from a word and name translated into one of many popular languages. No physical stock and when an order comes in for say the name “Gavin” it’s converted to Chinese at £x by a (one of many) private translator of Scott’s and the next time a “Gavin” wants the conversion it won’t cost Scott a penny!

To name a few on offer:

  • Arabic Translation
  • Gujarati Translation
  • Chinese Translation
  • Hindi Translation
  • Hebrew Translation
  • Thai Translation

The second a fresh new site of Ambigrams. I’ve not seen a site online like it until now so should do well if promoted in the right places. Ambigram isn’t a word you type in every day and so may need to play on the present idea maybe ?

Taken from Scott’s site:

ambigramScott’s site

What is an ambigram?
A design that may be read as the same word or phrase (or sometimes two different words or phrases) when oriented in two different ways, usually when reflected in a vertical axis or when rotated through 180 degrees.

Basically you have say Jasmine and Joanne enter them both in click on Script and it creates a style of name that reads Joanne one way up and Jasmine the other. Some names don’t work in that way and it creates 2 words that both can be read either way up but as separate names.

Great idea and when you start banging in names of people you know and then see both names when 180’d it’s great.

So another sit back and let it work for you website with no stock. I’m pretty sure it’s just a computer program used when generating the bigger image that is sent vie email to you as that’s the only way it could be. Another blinding idea and a great one to grow and let the cash roll in website.

424094_chatter_teeth_3I have a Joke Shop online and it ranks pretty well in Google for the expected phrases and keywords. The only thing is, unlike Scott’s websites I have to order stock, store the stock, print orders out to send with the products, pack joke items, post the orders, restock etc so not a “sit back” and reap the rewards website.

I have a few ideas on current trends a lot of people are turning to online, but time will tell whether theirs a market for my idea. The hard work for these types of “sit back and reap” websites/ideas is in the planning and preperation. Get the model working for you and as automated as possible the better in my eyes.

What are your ideas for an online store that:

  • Needs no stock
  • As near to 100% automated as possible
  • People will want to buy online
  • Hasn’t been done before
  • Isn’t illegal ;o)

Mini sites using affiliates is one idea, but it does need quite a bit of input to keep offers and products fresh.

Email me your ideas LOL

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