14 Dec 2009 @ 1:16 PM 

xmas-treeOk looks like no rush to call me back so I called normal support and got a bit of script from them and did a bit of tweeting to prompt someone higher than first line support into calling me.

I called support back and requested the card be removed and that I had a refund for the 2 domains I didn’t want renewing. Put on hold came back and was told.

That is all done now for you Sir, card removed, and refund actioned!

What if I make another payment with a card? It will be entered in your account as the master card for any services due for renewal. hmmm not good and I know you can go in and cancel the auto renewal for domains but that removes the reminders to say your domain is soon due for renewal in 60 days / 45 days / 30 days and so on right down to a day which is GREAT!

Got a call from 123-REG not sure how high up this guy was but he listened and almost agreed with somethings.

I just told him to revert back to how it use to be. Not saving card details and maybe have a box that you have to tick as an agreement if you wish you card to be stored – don’t tick it it doesn’t store it.

Hopefully we  should see a PR and emails been sent out  saying it’s now back to how it was. Also I hope the developer team will add a tick box for YOUR choice to add card details and not to do it automatically when buying services from them.

Thanks for your call back and help today 123-REG, lets see if you can gain customers and customer convidence before Christmas and not loose it and really put you foot in it guys!

Do 123-reg send out client gifts at Christmas does anyone know? ;o)

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