13 Dec 2009 @ 9:00 PM 

Well, first of all 123-reg now have their own category on my blog. It’s not a good thing  but is to reflect how pissed off I am tonight!
About 10 days ago I noticed all my details filled out at checkout stage when I went to reg a domain at 123-reg+ (not because of my browser setting as I have that disabled) So I thought Strange carried on, paid for the domains and looked at my account payment details which should have been blank.

123-REG had only added my debit card details to my account from my last visit a few days earlier and then saved them to auto renew and pay for any domains/hosting/servers coming up for renewal.


not-a-happy-bunnyI called them up and asked why my card details had been copied and added to my account? I was told “You MUST have gone in added your details yourself and saved it.” That people is absolute nonsense, but hey ok I said “Remove them and this had better not be an on going thing or to be repeated if you don’t mind”

Tonight I gets an email invoice from 123-REG “Domain renewals and Please note that this invoice has been paid. Please do not post a cheque.”

Shot over to my account and AGAIN the prats had harvested my card details and added them to my account to auto renew any domains/hosting/servers coming up for renewal. Which their was and took money from my account without my consent.

THEFT that’s called I think, correct me if I’m wrong!

I will see what they have to say tomorrow when I hopefully get a call back.

To happen once is not on but twice in less than 2 weeks and to also take money using my card without my consent is boarderline me calling my solicitor.

Question to 123-reg if they do read this and one that I will ask tomorrow.

What if the card I used last when you copied the details wasn’t mine, maybe a friend wanted a domain and I offered to use my account to buy  it through?

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